Yogurtini Frozen Yogurt
Yogurtini® strives to bring you only the finest frozen yogurts and toppings. With classic frozen yogurt flavors such as Classic Vanilla and Chelsey’s Cheesecake, and new favorites like Mango, Green Tea Tart, Acai Tart, and Yogurtini’s® Signature Blueberry Tart, we want your taste-buds to be continually excited. That’s why you can find our extensive list of frozen yogurts rotating regularly, to feature 10-16 flavors in-store, every day.

Yogurtini Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

Mix in as many toppings as you like, choosing from over 65 that we have available at our exclusive topping bar. We have everything you could dream of, including granola, fresh fruits, all your favorite candies and cereals, and specialty items including espresso beans, and even Sriracha hot sauce.

At Yogurtini® , we believe that no taste should be overlooked. That’s why we’ve provided you with so many options. Unlimited possibilities are laid out in front of you, the rest is up to you.

Questions People have Asked Us

Why did you name your yogurt shop Yogurtini?

– At Yogurtini you can mix your favorite flavors at our yogurt bar, just like a fine martini. We also have an ultra cool yogurt and topping bar.

Are there nutritional benefits to frozen yogurt?

– Yes! There are tons of nutritional benefits to frozen yogurt. Please see our Nutrition page.

Do you offer sugar free options?

– Yes. We are sure to have at least one sugar free option in our yogurt bar at all times so everyone can enjoy a Yogurtini.

How about vegan or dairy free?

– We always have at least one soy-based yogurt or sorbet.

Does Yogurtini contain live active yogurt cultures?

– Yogurtini frozen yogurts contains very high levels of beneficial live active yogurt cultures. It meets and exceeds the requirements set forth by the National Yogurt Association.

Why do you only sell frozen yogurt?

– At Yogurtini, we specialize in what we do best: providing you with an amazing frozen yogurt experience each and every time. Plus, we’re sure you’ll love our frozen yogurt so much, you won’t need anything else!